Item Coversheet

To:Mayor and City Council
CC: Denise Howell, City Administrator
From: Roy Chaney, Deputy City Administrator 
Date: 5/26/2020 
RE:Discussion of the Manitou Springs Incline Management - 60 minutes 
Recommendations regarding the re-opening and management of the Manitou Springs Incline.


The Manitou Springs Incline was closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak for safety concerns not being adhered to by incline users. These safety measures were based on state recommendations for social distancing and other virus protection guidelines. 

City Staff has discussed how to better manage the Manitou Incline with Colorado Springs the US Forest Service and others. With over 10 years of public meetings, studies and data, it is time to implement a management plan that reduces traffic congestion, parking issues, enforcement, noise, environmental protection, trail impacts and sanitation. 

Fiscal Impact:

The closure has reduced visitors to Manitou Springs but it is unclear the fiscal impact to the businesses in this community.

Workload Impact:

200+ hours (current hours)

Meetings have been on-going since 2010.

Recommended Action:

Staff recommends that city council approve going forward on one of the following:


1. Keep Incline closed until further notice

2. Re-open Incline as before the closure with COVID-19 guidelines

3. Re-open Incline after New Management plan in place

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